Information about acca

  • Languages ​​in which acca is used:

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Hyphenation of acca


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 4 chars.
  • acca is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

Words that rhyme with acca

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2 syllables words

bacca, cacca, Dacca, biacca, giacca, sciacca, triacca, vacca

3 syllables words

trabacca, boiacca, biplacca, malacca, salacca, Valmacca, guarnacca, alpacca, baldracca, caracca, sandracca, bisacca, casacca, risacca, patacca

4 syllables words

battifiacca, antiplacca, ceralacca, gommalacca, taccamacca