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Information about abasia

Hyphenation of abasia


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 6 chars.
  • abasia is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

Words that rhyme with abasia

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1 syllables words


2 syllables words

afasia, aplasia, aspasia, Vasia

3 syllables words

albasia, diafasia, disfasia, Adelasia, displasia, emoclasia, iperplasia, ipoplasia, neoplasia, osteoclasia, acromasia, Atanasia, discrasia, Eufrasia, Eurasia, Anastasia, apostasia, fantasia, isostasia, papuasia, malvasia

4 syllables words

colocasia, bradifasia, endofasia, monofasia, acondroplasia, leucoplasia, macroplasia, metaplasia, ateromasia, distanasia, eutanasia, bradifrasia, idiosincrasia, parafrasia, atelectasia, atelettasia, gastrectasia, nefrectasia, psicostasia

5 syllables words

allocromasia, antonomasia, metonomasia, paranomasia, paronomasia, telangettasia, teleangectasia