Information about salsa-moura

  • Languages ​​in which salsa-moura is used:

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Hyphenation of salsa-moura


  • It consists of 2 syllables and 11 chars.
  • salsa-moura is a word disyllabic because it has two syllables

Words that rhyme with salsa-moura

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1 syllables words


2 syllables words

moscas-oura, choura, vaca-loura, erva-loura, lapa-moura, fossa-moura, preta-moura, erva-moura, garça-moura, erva-de-moura, meia-tesoura, rabo-de-tesoura, bico-tesoura, beija-flor-tesoura, erva-toura, zoura

3 syllables words

rancoura, cadoura, bafoura, mumbuca-loura, cabra-loura, paineira-loura, biloura, erva-albiloura, negra-moura, figueira-moura, língua-moura, ervas-de-moura, palmoura, panoura, cenoura, batata-cenoura, fainoura, rabos-de-tesoura, gavião-tesoura, beija-flores-tesoura, bassoura, barba-de-bode-de-vassoura, cana-de-vassoura, coco-de-vassoura, rabo-de-vassoura, sorgo-de-vassoura, sorgo-vassoura, carro-vassoura, setoura, treitoura, trentoura, Fontoura, ajuntoura, abertoura, lavoura, louvoura

4 syllables words

gebadoura, dobadoura, manjadoura, armadoura, sapadoura, tiradoura, javradoura, cantadoura, levadoura, alvadoura, aguçadoura, torcedoura, manjedoura, barredoura, pousamoura, batatas-cenoura, curiango-tesoura, catanhão-tesoura, catanhões-tesoura, gaviões-tesoura, bacuraus-tesoura, bacurau-tesoura, barbas-de-bode-de-vassoura, canas-de-vassoura, cocos-de-vassoura, coqueiro-de-vassoura, rabos-de-vassoura, sorgos-de-vassoura, capim-vassoura, feijão-vassoura, feijões-vassoura, capins-vassoura, sorgos-vassoura, refontoura, cobertoura, canavoura

5 syllables words

respigadoura, espalhadoura, espiadoura, emboladoura, empoladoura, esterradoura, minicenoura, curiangos-tesoura, coqueiros-de-vassoura, relógio-vassoura, periquito-vassoura, relógios-vassoura

6 syllables words


7 syllables words

periquitinho-de-vassoura, periquitinhos-de-vassoura