Information about trombare

  • Languages ​​in which trombare is used:

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Hyphenation of trombare


  • It consists of 3 syllables and 8 chars.
  • trombare is a word trisyllabic because it has three syllables

trombare synonyms

Meaning abbindolare:

abbindolare, beffare, bidonare, circuire, fregare, frodare

Words that rhyme with trombare

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2 syllables words


3 syllables words

gabbare, sgobbare, snobbare, cibare, libare, bulbare, sgambare, strambare, bombare, piombare, spiombare, lombare, slombare, rombare, strombare, tombare, sbarbare, garbare, serbare, orbare, inurbare, turbare, cubare, rubare, tubare

4 syllables words

sillabare, giulebbare, addobbare, raddobbare, delibare, prelibare, allibare, infoibare, arrembare, rimbombare, strapiombare, ripiombare, impiombare, appiombare, inglobare, conglobare, esacerbare, diserbare, riserbare, ammorbare, conturbare, perturbare, masturbare, disturbare, incubare, derubare, titubare, intubare

5 syllables words